High Value Price List

Carpet Cleaning

  • $50 per area (up to 150sqft) An area is a living room, a hallway, a bedroom, dining room etc
  • $50 for a staircase Minimum $150

Professional hot water extraction (steam cleaning) is the method that we use. This method is the recommended method by the carpet manufacturers. Includes

  • Pre vacuum (very important step to remove dry soil prior to the wet cleaning).
  • Sanitization to kill germs and bacteria with a non toxic solution that causes bad odor.
  • Deodorizer
  • Pre conditioning with non toxic cleaner to target dirt.
  • Spot/stain treatment with a non toxic solution(up to 5 stains per area)
  • Using soft water or water softener to balance the pH level, this will leave softer fluffier carpets behind.
  • Hot water extraction with a powerful machine that leaves the carpets damped with very low moisture, carpets will dry in 4-6 hours.,

*** We don't move big bulky furniture, or beds. We can clear the way from small things. If moving furniture is your priority, you may move the bulky furniture and beds to some place else and clear things for us before we get there, you may put them back after the carpet dries. We don't allow you to move furniture at the same time we are cleaning.

Additional needed packages

Pet package

  • $10 per area for pet odor treatment
  • $25 per spot to treat urine

Spot/stain treatment

  • $25 per area to clean unlimited spot/stains

    (Please note up to 5 spots/stains are included per area)

  • Heavy build up soil/dirt (can't tell the color of the carpet?)

    $25 per area

Filtration line treatment

  • $25 per area

    (Please google for filtration lines if you are not sure what it is)

We also clean upholstery, outdoor patio furniture, mattresses, hardwood floors, ceramic floor tiles, ceramic shower wall tiles.

Please call us for pricing 647-502-5008