Our goal is to provide our customers with a brighter, cleaner, and fresher carpets. A non-toxic pleasant scented solution will freshen your carpets up again

Our Rotovac 360i stands as a new generation of carpet cleaning that gently agitates your carpet to give a thorough cleaning while making up to 250 passes per minute over your carpet and removing over 95% of the water used in the process so leaves the carpet dampt. You will get cleaning with a state of the art system.

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Why is it important to vacuum before the carpet cleaning?

For homes that are regularly vacuumed and do not need to be pre-vacuumed just before the cleaning how ever the homes that are not regularly vacuumed in this case before the cleaning a thorough vacuuming is a must. Carpet should certainly be vacuumed prior to a professional carpet cleaning. A pre-vacuum removes dry soil, surface dust, and dander so you get a deeper cleaning. Also if the carpet was not pre-vacuumed the dry soil will become mud as the carpet cleaning pre-sprays the carpet, in this case your carpets will not be as clean as they should. Lets take a look at this real life scenario the preparation for carpet cleaning. In picture 1 the carpet contain lots of stains and dust, as you can see after pre-vacuuming on picture 2 where it got cleaner already, after this important step I will start the pre-spraying the carpet with a safe carpet cleaning pre-spray.


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